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Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety Panic Attacks Can Be Cured Anxiety panic attacks are a result of anxious thinking which is learned behaviour.  An anxious person has usually suffered from different levels of anxiety for years and an increase in anxious thinking results in a full blown panic attack.  Once the initial attack has been experienced the fear of […]

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What Causes Aging?

Swearing Makes You Old Your body is composed of cells which are constantly renewing themselves. You breakdown and replace over 24 Billion cells a day. As each cell is renewed it is, just like a child growing up in a family, influenced by the mental atmosphere of the parent. If you are in a foul […]

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Chichester Hypnotist

Are You Looking For a Chichester Hypnotist? Chichester Hypnotist Christine Wesson works within easy reach of Bognor Regis, Litlehampton and Worthing and can help you to overcome fears and phobias of all kinds. What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a completely natural state.  Science tells us that we fall into a hypnotic state around 7 times […]

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Using Reverse Psychology to Counteract Panic Attacks

Reverse Psychology to Overcome Panic Attacks Whatever you fight grows stronger because whenever you are fighting something you are focusing on it.  The part of your mind that is responsible for the panic attack is not reasonable, it cannot think like the conscious mind, it simply reacts and gives you more of whatever you focus […]

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