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Spiritual Counselling Chichester

Spiritual Counselling can give you a Life Worth Living

spiritual beings

Spiritual Counselling Chichester offers a service both locally and worldwide.  Working with the spiritual side of us that is unblemished, untouched, and perfectly whole we put aside the mortal belief(s) in sickness, lack or loneliness.

God is Good and is ever present.  When we learn to deny anything unlike God, His Goodness breaks into our lives the same way the sun rises in the mornings to dispel the darkness.

Have you ever watched a star come into sight on a summer evening?  The star was there all the time, but, as the night deepened the star became more and more visible.  This is what happens when we ‘treat’ a problem spiritually.

Right now you may be depressed, sad, heartbroken, unemployed or addicted.  Whatever the problem is, it can be addressed spiritually.  If you live locally we work face to face but the counselling is just as effective if we work via Skype, by telephone or even via email.

What is Spiritual Counselling?

Unlike some conventional therapies we do not focus too long on problems.  Knowing that whatever we focus on we get more of, we gently lead our clients away from the problem and onto the solution.  Goodness is ever present but we have to reach out and contact it.  You came into this world to be happy, healthy and abundant.  Happiness, health and abundance are your birthright and your spiritual counsellor can  assist you in finding your way to what is yours by right.

It Isn’t your Fault

Whatever has happened, however you feel it isn’t your fault; everything we humans do is learned behaviour.  We only do what we do and feel how we feel because someone taught us to do it.  However, it may not be our fault, but it is our responsibility.  Only you can change you, my job is to show you how to do it.  My work is to lead you out of the darkness into the light.  You deserve to be free.  Leave it no longer……do it now.