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Self-Image and the Self-Fullfilling Prophecy

We are not only what we eat,
But what we think as well.

Your self image is how you see yourself in your imagination. It is the blueprint that determines everything about you, from how motivated, intelligent and confident you are willing to let yourself be to how much weight you are willing to carry around with you or lose.

Nearly every overweight person has a self image that say’s they will always be fat. They think they are different to thin people and they usually have a range of reasons for that – such as “my mother was always fat”, “I have a slow metabolism”, etc.

How we see ourselves is how we are, so slim and attractive = slim and attractive, fat and unattractive = fat and unattractive.

Like it or not we have to see ourselves as slim before that can happen.

Your subconscious mind has a perfect blueprint of you, but unfortunately it is always listening to your instructions too. Stop giving it the overweight picture and it will return to it’s perfect (normal) self.

How do we change the pattern?


• Focusing on what we want instead of what we don’t want
• Choosing thoughts and statements that create good pictures in our minds

One way to do this is by using visualization (Imagination)

• Athletes use visualization to imagine themselves doing perfect routines. Basketball players practice getting perfect scores using the power of imagination

• Scientists have experimented by hooking people up to biofeedback machines and asked them to visualize themselves jogging and in response every muscle began to fire, though at a minimal level

• Using visualization daily and taking the time to stop and watch a movie of a thin, happy and confident you will dramatically increase your weight loss.

TIP: Pick a time in the future with some special significance for you. It might be a holiday you are going on, a party you are going to or even Christmas. Then, daily spend about ten minutes imagining yourself sitting on the plane ready for take off, arriving at the party or cooking xmas lunch and see yourself how you want to be at that time. Make it believable. If you have 4 stones to lose it’s hardly believable to imagine yourself at your ideal weight by this Christmas.

Impress upon your mind a picture of yourself on the plane wearing those jeans that are much too tight right now and imagine how it feels to be wearing them comfortably. It’s just a game of pretend but the part of you that is in charge of your body doesn’t understand this. It thinks everything you think is real. Keep on impressing this picture and do it every day, perhaps at bedtime and your mind will adjust your body to your new picture.