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Power Words in Action

Power Word Use in High School

Here’s another example of how words spoken internally can change outcomes.  This is a story I love and often tell people, especially clients who need a boost in self esteem.  This story came from one of my students who found it on the Internet:

An example of the dynamic force of the words of power came comes from the experience of a young girl who attended a workshop on the power of the mind with her parents. She hated school. Not because of the work, but because of a few of the students there. The young lady feared some of the local toughs in the school after suffering several verbal assaults by them in the past. She paid particular attention to the segment on power words.

She asked again and again if it were true that her thinking a particular word could actually have an effect on another person. She was told to try it and see. Her main interest was in keeping herself safe from harm, and she felt that learning power words would accomplish the most good. The day after the seminar, she subsequently reported, she was walking through the school yard past the group she feared, and instead of expecting sneers, smirks, someone tripping her, or perhaps a punch on the arm or worse, she concentrated on the power word “beware.”

She repeated the word “beware” over and over again mentally as she had been taught. She visualized a quiet beware in her mind growing louder and louder until the word filled her consciousness. Approaching the group with her head high and concentrating on the word beware, she strolled right on past the group, and for the first time she reported, not one of them said or did anything to harm her in the slightest. Indeed, she said, they acted as though she wasn’t even there.

Reasons abound for the effectiveness of the power word. There is the expectation that things will be right. There is the elimination of the negative expectation of fear, thereby producing a stress-free and relaxed state of mind. And not the least, there is the faith that the word instills in an individual. Here’s how to use the concept of power words as a resource to help better your life.

Begin with a simple word, one that will demonstrate to you the effectiveness of the power word concept. The first power word for you to use is the word power itself. You may use the finger/thumb technique by placing the thumb and forefinger of your stronger hand together as a trigger device to enhance its use.

Think the word power for thirty seconds, repeating the word every two or three seconds. Begin with a diminished image and enhance it. Enlarge the word so that you can see it in huge letters on the side of a mountain. At the same time, hear the word spoken, becoming louder and louder. Mentally shout out the word power, feeling yourself become more powerful as you do.

Take a few steps as you do this and you will notice that you are walking taller, straighter, and with more confidence. You may be able to feel new strength surging through your body. That is the concept and use of the power word.