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Past Life Regression

Past Life RegressionHave you Lived Before – Past Life Regression

Our past has clothed us in magnetic layers, invisible garments that have accumulated from lifetimes of experiences and choices. They mold and shape who we are today. Some of these garments are beautiful and some are ugly. Often they are so subtle and comfortable that we are not even aware that we wear them, scarcely recognizing their soft whispers and their ever- present effects on our personality, talents, relationships, habits and deeply ingrained feelings.  Yet, past life regression can reveal what has been mainly hidden from view.

At other times, they gather force and scream like a hungry demanding baby, magnetizing into our lives patterns of such urgency that we cannot move forward until we acknowledge and finally peel off the burdensome hardened layers. Our freedom comes when we find that that we need no longer carry the weight of the past as we move through life.

What can past life regression reveal to you?  Were the people you live with today part of your long gone past?  Are your fears and phobias carried over from another time?  Is your present life restricted or compromised in some way because of the things that happened to you in past lives?  Patterns tend to repeat over and over again and when these patterns are revealed healing often happens spontaneously.

Have you ever been curious to know why you are drawn to certain periods in history or to certain places.  When I was a child I was born in the north of England yet every time I traveled south it felt more like my home.  It wasn’t until years later I discovered I’d lived a happy life in England’s so called bread basket, the County of Kent.  I always felt a sense of recognition and happiness as I traveled by train through the fields of wheat.  I came south in my early 20’s and have lived here happily ever since.

Past-life regression can offer us profound insights and revelations about the journey of our soul.  We can receive guidance, answers and assurance.  We can also become aware of our innate gifts and abilities.   It’s possible to crack open the shell of limitation that surrounds us , allowing our lives become fuller and richer as a result.  We can discover the source of our deeply engrained patterns and recognize vastly expanded connections to people and places.

We can learn to take responsibility for ourselves as we receive the opportunity to heal on many levels. The most wonderful benefits of past-life regression are when it helps us to find clues from the past that explain our puzzling behaviors and symptoms, and, through our remembrance, allows us to release the stuck pattern, forgive, heal and move forward.

Some people are simply curious to see if they’ve lived before and just want to visit a past life.  For them, any life will do.  Others want to find out if a former life may be impacting on them right now.  Many people find the answers to the questions they have asked themselves for years in past lives.

Prior to the session you will be helped to formulate questions you would like the answers to.  Your deeper mind will reveal what you want to know. This information may not come in the way you expect it to so you may be surprised.
You may discover the roles that people you have difficulty with today played in a former life.  There is no limit to the questions you can ask or the answers you can receive as your cellular memory and DNA stretches all the way back to the beginning of time.

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Past Life Regression Parties

Past Life Regression parties with people you are close to can be an exciting and enlightening process. It can add many pieces to the puzzle of life’s relationships and events and often people can see themselves interacting with each other in the past.

Past Life Regression Parties last for 3 hours so there is time to explore the lives you lived and get insights into the messages you’ve been given. You will be given extra time to ask your own personal questions. The key to success in this kind of gathering is in having a well-trained hypnotist who specializes in past life regression and past life regression parties and this is exactly what Christine offers.

Past Life Regression parties are perfect for clubs and groups of all kinds including friends getting together, birthday parties and family reunions.

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