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Past Life Regression Bognor Regis

We Offer Past Life Regression Bognor Regis

Past Life Regression Bognor Regis

The things that happened to you in a past life could be having an impact on you today.  Past Life Regression Bognor Regis can help you to make sense of life and and aswer some of life’s puzzling questions.  Have you always been fascinated by a certain period in history?  Have you had recurring dreams or nightmares?  Do you have an affinity with a certain geographical place or a race of people?

You may suffer from irrational fears and have no idea where these fears came from or conversely you may have a skill that appears to have come from nowhere.  How did Motzart write his concertos at the age of three and while profoudly deaf.  Some things are too strange to dismiss yet too facinating to forget.

Vows made in one life can carry over into the next life or next several lives.  I read recently that the diciples of Scientology make vows to be faithful to the faith for eternity.  Not for this life or for the next but for billions of years to come.  Imagine the future lives they could lead with a vow like that in their consiousness.

Many peoples in the past made vows of chastity (monks, nuns and religious orders of all kinds) others made vows of poverty (again religious orders and those who were persecuted by the rich and decadent)  Many people die holding a grudge and wanting revenge on their persecutors or torturers and all of these things can effect us in later lives.

Some people drown, some are buried alive, some are sacrificed and some die in warfare and all of these traumas can carry over into fresh lives.  Of course the majority of lives are or seem to be mundance and yet all lives are meaningful and all lives have hidden messages that, when deciphered, can make sense of the lives we live today and the lessons we’ve come into this life to learn.

Past Life Regression Bognor Regis

Under hypnosis you can be regressed to a former time, a life you lived in the past.  Whether you journey there for a reason or simply out of curiosity it can be an enjoyable and memorable experience.  Past Life Regression can be used to enhance  spiritual or personal development.

often insights are used as a tool to resolve personal conflicts or release emotional pain that has carried over from past lives and is causing physical and emotional distress. Healing can be cathartic and in many cases one 2 hour session can clear many blockages and allow you to move forward in a more positive and optimistic way.

Christine trained in Past Life Regresion with the Past Life Regression Society of Great Britain and is an accrediated Past Life Therapist.  She holds the highest award of Adv. DPLT (Advanced Dip Past Life Regression). 

Christine offers Past Life Regression in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas.

Past Life Regression Bognor Regis – Parties in Your Home

Past Life Regression parties a a great way to experience past life regression at a very reasonable cost. It’s a novel and innovative way of getting friends together and having fun.

Christine is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist accredited by The Past Life Therapist Association and we offer Past Life Regression Bognor Regis and in the whole of West Sussex

Christine trained in Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch.

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Telephone: 07747 865982 or 01243 699646