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Metaphysical Practitioner

What is a Metaphysical Practitioner

metaphysical practitioner

A metaphysical practitioner is someone who has studied spiritual Laws and having an understanding of them can help others to  understand them and work with them too.  A metaphysical practitioner heals the body and situations using prayer and treatment.  The practitioner attempts to heal himself or others through the recognition of the ever-present creative power and the never ending availability of Good.

Uncovering God in every Situation

God is all, in all and God is never sick, never unhappy, and never afraid.   All sickness, unhappiness, and inharmony appears real but is really false.  A metaphysical practitioner denies the reality of the false appearance and declares the truth in its place.  All the work of the practitioner is mental/spiritual.  The practitioner does his/her work in his/her own mind, never anywhere else.

All Minds are Joined as One

Because we all live in the one mind a practitioner can act for his patient or client.  The metaphysical practitioner acts scientifically by realising that the person he works with is born of Spirit and not of matter.  He argues within his/her mind that as this person is already perfect in the mind of God that his appearance cannot be true.  The more he/she knows this and declares it the sooner the client is freed.  Anyone can use the Law once they understand it, it works for every person.  All that is needed is faith and belief and a realisation of the Truth.  Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  The Mind of God is responsive to man’s thoughts and words and as we all think non-stop we can heal through the word.

If you would like to know more about how metaphysics can help you or you’d like to book an appointment please ring any of the following numbers:

01243 699646

07747 865982

I work with clients in person, on the phone or via Skype.

Christine is a member of the MSEC