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Marriage Break up

How to Get Over a Marriage Break up

how to get over a break upThere are many reasons behind the breakdown of relationships and each marriage break up is as individual as the people involved in it.   Some people walk away seemingly unscathed while for others the trauma lingers on for years.

Unfortunately, for those who suffer, life gets put on hold and if this goes on long enough, half a lifetime, or more, can be wasted in mourning, anger or bitterness.

Often one partner feels abandoned, used or bereft, especially if the marriage break up was caused by infidelity.  The abandoned partner is often left with low-self  esteem that can affect their chances of future happiness.

Getting Over Marriage Break up

To get on with your life you have to get over the past but that often seems like an impossibility when the things your ex partner did and said keep on repeating over and over in your mind.  You may find yourself focused on all the bad things, the nasty words, the deceit or even the coldness.  If your focus is on these kinds of things you may be angry and vindictive, spending your time plotting revenge.   Alternatively, you may be remembering all the good times you have lost which could be making you cry lonely tears.

Moving on From Marriage Break up

However the marriage break up is affecting you can be resolved, you just need help to do it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to let it go, put it behind you and begin again?   I know it’s an old cliche but if you’ve been happy once you can be happy again, all you need to know is how to let go of the intrusive thoughts, let go of the past and live the life that is waiting for you.