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Lose Weight & Feel Great

Lose Weight & Feel Great

Lose Weight What if there was a way to permanently lose weight & feel great? Have you, like millions of others, piled on the pounds since lock down?  Does your current weight depress you?  Maybe you hate the way you look and the way your clothes fit, or even don’t fit at all.  Have you had enough, enough of feeling bad every time you look in the mirror? Have you tried diet after diet without success?  It’s the old, old story in this modern world, and I feel your pain, because it’s my story too.

This is my story.  As a clinical hypnotherapist I majored in weight loss for years, helping many people to lose weight.  There were a lot of successes and quite a few failures too.  However, I was always upset when any of my clients failed to lose weight.  What was going wrong?  Sure, I figured that the one’s who failed were the ones who quite openly told me that they hadn’t listened to their hypnosis recordings.  Their excuse, because they had been were ‘too busy’ to fit them in.  Or, they fell asleep as soon as they laid down to listen, defeating the objective.   Then, as I continued to think about the failures and ask myself ‘why’ my focus led me to put weight on myself.  Horror of horrors, I turned into one of them, and I too couldn’t seem to get my head around getting slim again.

Feeling Like a Fraud

I ended up feeling like a fraud, and as expected my weight loss clients began to dry up.  I knew what to do but somehow the ability to actually do it deserted me.  However, I was determined to find the answer and one day I did.  It all came about the day a Facebook friend posted a video of her smashing up her scales with a sledge hammer.  She blamed her scales for her inability to lose weight,  because every time she stood on them, all they did was confirm her inability to lose weight.

In that moment I thought, she shouldn’t have done that, she could have used her scales to confirm her weight loss and I decided to do just that.  Since that moment, about six weeks previous to writing this post, I have reduced my body size by 18 pounds and I have another 14 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight.  I am thrilled and delighted with my progress, and I haven’t been on a diet of any kind, at least not a diet that involves any kind of food.  Yes, it’s true I am eating much less food than I was before but that has come as a natural outcome of my mental state, and it’s been so easy.

The Law of Assumption

I’ve done it by using a combination of things; The Law of Assumption, Visualisation of the end, inner talk, focus and many other Neville Goddard and Metaphysical techniques, all of which I am so excited to pass on to others.  Using the same, easy to use methods I’ve used to make it happen for me, you too can Lose Weight & Feel Great because the two go together.

How would you like to reduce in size steadily and easily, and while you are doing it learn the skills to make sure you permanently keep it off?  If it sounds good to you, signing up for a six week on-line course could be the best thing you’ve ever done, the best present you’ve ever given to yourself, and you deserve it.

Lose Weight & Feel Great

The course will last for six weeks on Zoom, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still participate.

Your pass to freedom forever can be purchased here. 

What you will learn

How to use the Law of Assumption to achieve your goal.  The importance of living mentally in the end (the slim you) How to change your ‘state’ from one of believing you are doomed to be overweight into one of knowing it is possible.  How to visualise yourself getting slimmer and slimmer.  How to mentally disassociate yourself with your old overweight state and attach yourself to your new state of being slim, and much, much more.  Once you’ve joined, I can promise you, life will never be the same again.  You deserve it, so go on and book it now.

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