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Insomnia Cure

You Can Sleep Soundly Every Night -There is a Way to Cure Insomnia

And all From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Imsomnia Cure100% Natural Insomnia Cure

Are you sick and tired of lying awake half the night?  Is your work performance suffering because you aren’t getting enough sleep?  Do you find it hard to concentrate, especially in the afternoons?  Are you tetchy with you family and friends?  Are you worried about taking medication and did you know that sleeping tablets are not only addictive but they make you drowsy the whole of the following day.  Did you know there was a natural Insomnia Cure that could put a stop to all of that; get you off medication and have you sleeping soundly within hours?

Lack of sleep leads to lack of concentration, a contributory factor in the majority of road accidents.  Tiredness affects judgement and mistakes happen; it affects decision making and ruins relationships.  Everything is better after a good nights sleep, wouldn’t you agree?  Wouldn’t you like to:

  • Sleep soundly every night
  • Fall asleep quickly and awaken in the mornings refreshed
  • Have the energy to focus on your work or your business
  • Feel good
  • Have the energy to spend more quality time with you family and your friends
  • Get your life back

Here’s what client (A) had to say after one insomnia cure session on the telephone:  “How amazing, I had no idea it would be so effective or so quick.  I’ve suffered with this insomnia for years and it’s gone.  I’m sleeping so well.”   Best Wishes Kelly D 

When you’re tired in body and mind you cannot think clearly, no-one can. You could make bad decisions and mistakes of all kinds. Lack of sleep causes irritability. Concentration wanders and you may make silly and costly mistakes. Many of the most deadly and costly road accidents are a result of lack of concentration often brought on by lack of sleep.

At birth you were naturally programmed to sleep, we all were.  Insomnia doesn’t just happen, it has to be developed and the problems usually begin in times of worry and stress. However, the human mind is habitual and once patterns of any kind are established they can carry on long after the originating situation has ended. Once any habit is developed it will continue for life unless it is consciously stopped and replaced with something new.

Sleeplessness can become a way of life and because of a natural law called the ‘Law of Reversed Effect,’ you’re brave efforts to get to sleep each night only make the problem worse. ‘The Law of Reversed Effect’ means that the more you, ‘try’ to get to sleep the more sleep eludes you. Yet it’s simple to sleep when you know how to use a higher law to overcome the sleeplessness.

Here’s what client (B) had to say after her insomnia cure treatment:

Dear Christine,

“I am ever grateful I consulted with you. To think, I was lying awake every night and going about like a zombie all day for years. Once you’d explained everything I understood how I created the problem and it shifted immediately. The techniques are easy to do, like you say, a kid could do them. I was amazed how quickly I was cured. I now sleep right through the night every night and awaken feeling much more refreshed. I was ASTONISHED at the rapid effect and the simplicity of the techniques involved.”
Susan H, M.A.R

Drug Induced Sleep v Natural Sleep

Taking medication for insomnia may make you sleep but the effects of the drug do not stop when you get out of bed in the mornings.  Medication makes you muggy all day long.  There is a huge difference between drug induced sleep and natural sleep. Natural sleep revitalises while drug induced sleep drugs the body which does not return to normal until the drug leaves the system. This never happens if you take daily medication.

The only way to feel alive and fresh each day is to sleep a natural healthy sleep each night and as you were programmed to do that before birth the ability is still within you. Insomnia is just another program that has somehow overridden the natural program you were born with. A skilled therapist can help you to sleep once again.

Many people suffer with sleepless nights because they have got into the habit of doing it while others have things on their minds which they are turning over and over in the night. It really doesn’t matter which one best describes you as both are easily solved.
People have been amazed at how they have gone from long nights with hardly any sleep to being able to go to sleep easily on retiring and to return to sleep after awaking in the night. Sleep comes easily when you know how to override the unhelpful program of insomnia.

Do it now you deserve it.

You’ll learn how to…………….

• Relax your mind leading to sleep
• Overcome the negative beliefs you have about being able to have a good night’s rest
• Sleep without taking pills which tire you during the day

You’ll learn how to……………….

• Make new choices (to let go of your worries in the night)
• Eliminate the ‘yes buts’ (The objections- ‘yes but I’ve always been a light sleeper’ – ‘yes but it’s my age’)
• Open up your mind to ‘see’ things in a different way(you will learn how to use your mind to relax)

The good news is that the majority of people need only one session to overcome even years of sleepless nights.  The cost of the session includes a ten minute follow up a week after the therapy to find out how successful the therapy has been and whether you would benefit from one more session.  You will also receive a hypnotic sleep recording that will lull you into the kind of sleep you’ve been desperate for but had lost all hope of achieving and the product also includes an eBook with easy to follow step by step instructions to build on your therapeutic session.

The time to make a move and put an end to sleepless night is now.

There are several ways you can avail yourself of this life changing therapy. I work with people face to face, by telephone or through Skype.   For one to one sessions of Sleep Hypnosis contact Christine on 01243 699646 or 07747 865982 or email: 

You can choose to book your session first and pay when its booked or you can pay first and book the session after payment.

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