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Imagination Is The Key To Success

Imagination is the Key to Success

Imagination is the key to success“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Did you have any idea that everything in your world comes from your ‘imagination.’ According to the mystic ‘Neville Goddard,’ there is only one thing in the world, imagination, and all our distortions of it. Facts, he says, are the fruit bearing witness of the use or misuse of the imagination. Man becomes what he imagines. Nothing happens in your life unless you imagine it into existence and if you’re life doesn’t look the way you’d like it to there’s only one way to change it; imagine a new one into existence.

The outer world and all its happenings and events are all projections of the inner world of imagination. Think about it! Look around and as your eyes alight on different things, realise that every building, item of clothing, piece of furnishing or electrical device began as a thought or a concept in the mind of someone. Thoughts are things!

We humans mistakenly think the world around us just happens and all we are doing is commenting upon it, whereas the truth is that the world out there is created by us and then our noticing of it, our commenting on it, our like or dislike of it keeps it in place. In other words we energise it by giving it focus. Trying to change things on the outer is a bit like going to a cinema, watching a film and attempting to get the heroine to say something different. It won’t happen because the film’s been made; it’s completed. To make any changes to a completed film you would have to go back into the cutting room and make the changes there. That’s also what man has to do to make changes to his/her life.

The trouble is that the majority of people spend their whole time focussing on what they don’t want, thereby creating more and more of it. You will never, ever escape from the prison you may have created for yourself by attempting to get rid of the problem. There is a way out and if you take it you can be free; imagination is the key to success and is the only way things can change for anyone.  The answer is to decide what you would like/love instead. Forget what you dislike/hate that’s why you’ve still got it and turn towards the things you’d love.

Make a list! Write at the top of a page, ‘I’d love to be,’ and then make a list. You may include, confident, happy, and successful, in a loving relationship or many other things. Then think, why you’d like to have confidence, how would you act as a confident person, would confidence open doors, take you places? What would happiness feel like, as a happy person how different would your life be? How would it feel to be in a loving relationship? Now notice that you are imagining a different life than the one you have previously created and also notice that you are feeling so much better than before.

The law of attraction responds to your vibration. Your thoughts create your vibration and bring back to you whatever you are thinking about. Once you’ve completed your list, look at it often and think about how it is to be the person you would like to be, doing the things you’d love to do. The more you focus on the new you the quicker the new you will come into this physical reality. Read your list and daydream/imagine at least once every day and preferably at night as you drift off to sleep but for maximum results read it and imagine it as many times as three to five.

While indulging in your daydream(s), really feel the feelings of accomplishment. Adding good feelings is like adding turbo changed fuel to your dreams.

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