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I Hope I Don’t Get Any Thinner

I spent the first 30 years of my life as a really skinny person desperate to put weight on and unable to do it and then one day it happened. I started to get heavier and at first I loved it, womanly curves at last! Trouble was it soon got out of hand and I tipped over the ‘loving it’ phase into the ‘hating it’ phase.

Now I was desperate to lose weight and I found that as hard as putting it on. Help!!! I struggled on for years until I learned the secrets of weight loss. IT’S ALL IN THE MIND. It’s not what we EAT, it’s what we SAY. Of course I know that if we eat too much we’ll put weight on no matter what we say, BUT, and it’s a big BUT, the amount we eat is determined by the things we say.

Let me explain it by telling you what recently happened to me. I teach my clients that their subconscious mind, the part of them that is in charge of the body, listens to everything they say. I also teach them that this deeper part of their mind doesn’t understand language and instead of hearing the words they speak it receives the pictures that the words they speak create within their mind.

You may have heard the saying that ‘The Universe’ doesn’t understand ‘don’t, no or negatives,’ and this is the reason why. When you make any of the following statements or ones like them, “I don’t want to put any more weight on,” or “I hope I don’t put weight on when I go on holiday,” the picture that is created within your mind is of you putting weight on. Get the picture? Excuse the pun.

Well, I had put on 7lbs and believe me, for a tiny person that’s a lot, and although I knew what to do about it I just wasn’t getting myself motivated. About three times a week I was eating a battered fish from the local chip shop for lunch and I was getting a lot of Indian takeaways too. Disaster!!!

Then I realised that every day I was saying to my clients as an example, “Imagine if I said, I hope I don’t put any more weight on, what sort of a picture that would create in my mind?” What a fool!!! Every single day I was giving my subconscious pictures of me putting weight on. As soon as I realised what I was doing I stopped. I started to use another example instead. Then I decided to eat slowly, which I did for about two weeks. At the end of that time I had got into new habits, my stomach had shrunk and I was just naturally wanting and eating less.

Then I came up with a bright idea. I realised that for the first 30 years of my life people, including me, would say, “You don’t want to get any thinner.” I decided to try it out as an experiment. Research purposes only you understand. This drove my family mad for a few weeks. They kept telling me to, “Shut up.” Don’t know why but they did. I persisted.

And folks I am now thinner than I’ve been for about 4 years. I have ceased using the phrase, “I hope I don’t get any thinner,” and have changed it for, “I am my ideal weight of………….”

Now I realise that for some people the phrase, “I hope I don’t get any thinner,” might not suit but if you’ve bought any new clothes for Xmas you could always say. “I hope I don’t get slimmer or this new dress/trousers/jacket will be too big for me then I won’t get my wear out of them.” I mean, who gives a bugger about the new outfit if you get slimmer. You’ll have all the other clothes in your wardrobe to wear that have been waiting for you to reclaim them.

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