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Fertility Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Fertility or Fertility Hypnosis

fertility hypnosis

So many people are asking that question these days, as infertility becomes a more and more common occurrence. Yet many people who’ve tried fertility hypnosis have succeeded against all the odds.  If you are one of those who suffers from this life changing problem you’ll have asked why it is happening to you hundreds of times.

Most people visit their doctor after trying for a child for some time, and having no luck.  However, by then, they may already be entertaining a sinking feeling that something might be amiss. They may not want to admit they are a little scared but nevertheless the feeling could be there within them.

The medical Doctor looks at the outside, at the physical body. He runs all sorts of tests, takes lot of samples and comes up with a theory.  It’s the same with all symptoms, it’s the Doctors job to evaluate the findings and come up with a theory. Most times it’s easy; swollen tonsils will mean the patient has tonsillitis. A body covered with spots means measles, chickenpox, or some other spotty disease, and sometimes it’s harder, hence the tests.

When someone presents with an inability to get pregnant the Doctor will begin with an internal examination on the female.  Then he’ll check the partner’s sperm count. After that comes all manner of tests, all designed to find, or eliminate any number of reasons. But you already know all this if you are one of those suffering. You know that sometimes they find something wrong, and they correct it, then the patient gets pregnant, and all is well.

That leaves the rest; those with whom they don’t find anything wrong. There are those whose inability to fall pregnant remains a mystery. Let’s assume you are one of them.  Or, maybe you are reading this because someone close to you is in despair because they are one of them. This may be something you so want; you want it more than anything else.  The disappointment can be awful if it seems as if it’s not going to work for you, not naturally anyway.

Can I Get Pregnant using Fertility Hypnosis?

If you’ve had all the tests and discovered there is little, or nothing, physically wrong with you, you may have spent untold hours asking ‘why’. Your Doctor may have hinted at, or even told you outright that the problem may have a psychosomatic component.  This means, it’s more a problem of the mind rather than the body. That kind of news may or may not help. Being told that the golf ball sized lump I felt I had in my throat many years ago was psychosomatic, and probably the result of stress, didn’t help me an awful lot.

As far as I was concerned the lump was there; I had difficulty swallowing and it seemed real to me. The Doctor was right though, when I left my job the stress went away, and with it the golf ball in my throat.

However, at the time I knew nothing about how minds worked and how they could affect our body so it all seemed crazy to me. It wasn’t until I decided to take the path I am on right now that I began to understand, why and how these things happen. Now, after 20 years of helping people to let go of physical, mental and spiritual problems; anything that is preventing them from living their lives to the full I know that anything is possible.

The therapy I offer doesn’t make people pregnant, it removes the impediments to something that is meant to happen naturally.  It removes them so that, what is meant to happen naturally, can and does happen naturally.

Attempting to solve a problem yourself can be a difficult task. If you have any inkling the problem may be, as we say, in your head, you may looked at your family history and perhaps found nothing there. Then maybe you’ll also have examined your past, the things you did, or did not do that could be a cause. You will spend a lot of time examining yourself for any causes or reasons and all this will do is make the problem worse.

Why it will make the problem worse is where I step in. My role is to show you how the way you are thinking is incorrect. I’m there to show you how to change it and how to put it on the right thing. Together we will unravel the mental and emotional reasons and get you on track. My job is to help you to allay your fears and to teach you how unfounded they actually are and to use fertility hypnosis to correct them.

We have to do it together; unlike a Doctor I don’t do things to my patients/clients; I work with them, and I give them all the help they need to end up with their greatest desire. Holding your baby, in your arms, will be the greatest achievement of your life. If you can imagine that, you can have that.
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