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Energy Body Healing

Emotional Healing is Energy Body Healing

There’s more to you than meets the eye.  You have a physical body and an energy body.  The energy body is where all of your feelings and emotions are stored.  It’s possible to see and treat wounds in the physical body but the wounds in the energy body that have been created by a lifetime of hurts, heartache, rejections, fears, grief, frustration and shame go untreated.

Because the wounds in the energy body go untreated they remain for each persons lifetime.  You may not be able to see them but you can certainly feel them.  You can tell when an old wound is opened by the way you feel.  If you get irrationally angry when certain people say or do certain things its because you are wounded.  If a look, a tone of voice or even a song saddens you or depresses you it’s because it’s opened a wound.

If you could see the energy bodies of your friends, family and colleagues with all their wounds you could be shocked yet we all carry our wounded selves within.  We do it because we have no idea how to release the past and all of it’s traumas.  Some people try talk therapy but sometimes this drags up old conflicts and trauma without providing a way to release it.  Many others, especially men don’t want to talk about the things that hurt them at all.

The problem with either ignoring feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger or shame or attempting to live with them is that they keep the body in a tense state.  Muscles tighten, joints become stiff and we get old.  Negative emotions are acid forming and the more we hang onto them the more restricted life becomes but conventional medic can offer nothing that can help.  Many people end up on anti-depressants but all they will do is mask the symptoms, they have no way of helping you to let them go.

Being Scared of Your Emotions

Most people are scared of emotions; we are taught as children that emotions aren’t acceptable.  How many times were you told to stop crying, stop being a baby or grow up?  Grow up means, become like us, get rid of emotions.  Children generally aren’t allowed to get angry, at least once they get to school age and the older they get the less emotions are accepted.  We don’t like them and so we repress them, the wounds remain always ready to be re-opened.

Some emotions are more acceptable than others.  Anger is displayed more than most other emotions and it seems OK to talk about being frustrated, stressed or anxious but some feelings are kept deep within.  Hurt, shame, fear, grief, sadness and unforgivenes  are just a few of the negative feelings that are hidden and often held deep inside.  Every single feeling is felt in the body in a certain place.  When you feel anger you feel it somewhere and when you feel sad you also feel it somewhere.  Test it out and notice where you feel sadness or frustration; fear is usually felt in the gut and heartache in the heart funnily enough.

How to Heal the Energy Body

First of all it’s helpful to understand exactly what an emotion is.  An emotion is energy, just energy.  The word can be broken into two sections, e-motion which literally means e=energy + motion, energy in motion.  Emotions are meant to move and flow through us and not get stuck in the body.  As children they did.  Look at any small child and you’ll notice that they don’t hang on to their hurts.  They get hurt, they cry and then they let it go and become happy again.  They can’t do something, they get frustrated, then they get distracted and they let frustration go.  You were like that once.

To heal the energy body the old stuck energy needs to soften and flow so it can leave your body.  Imagine how good it would feel to let go of old hurts, of old pain and old feelings of low-self esteem that you may have been carrying around with you for years.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you can realise that feelings of being not good enough are and always have been only a stuck energy; something you’ve hung on to for years.

As a child I suffered from low self-esteem and a belief I would never be good enough for anyone.  As the years passed I believed I had overcome those feelings yet without realising I was doing it I found I was holding myself back from being truly successful for fear of being exposed.  I only discovered this by working with another energy body healer who helped me to release the feelings.

The wonderful thing about Energy Body Healing is that there is no need to remember the original trauma, although it often comes to light as the energy is moved and released.