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EFT Workshops Brighton

Learn EFT – EFT Workshops Brighton

EFT Workshops BrightonIf you are looking to learn EFT by attending a workshop, and you live within the Brighton area, Making Positive Changes, based in Chichester, offers ongoing training. EFT Workshops Brighton EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has to be the easiest and most effective way to make changes.

EFT can change the way you feel, the way you respond and the way you act.  EFT can even be used to change your beliefs, especially your beliefs, as negative beliefs are the things that restrict our lives.

You can decide, whether you want to hold on to a belief, asking things like, “Does it serve me?  Does it make me happy?”  If the answer is, NO, you could let it go and replace it with a more empowering belief.  How exciting is that?  Julie believed that all men were cheats and she proved it to be true, over and over again.  She had no idea that her belief meant she attracted men who cheated.  She eventually gave up on men.  She even put on tons of weight to keep them away from her.

When she learned EFT, she found out that her belief was just that, a belief and she discovered that she could jettison it.  Without it, she was free to lose the weight, and to find a lovely, faithful man with whom she could be happy.  It’s that easy, once you understand the process, and EFT couldn’t be simpler, or easier, to learn and apply.

Attendance at EFT Workshops Brighton ……

Can literally change your life.  Instead of holding on to negative beliefs you chose, or were given, in childhood, choose again.  Choose to believe in yourself, choose to believe you are capable and choose to believe you deserve to be happy, healthy and abundant.  Sign up for a workshop now, without delay.

EFT Level 1 Training Workshop

AAMET Approved EFT Level 1 Training – Emotional Freedom Technique Workshops

EFT Level 1 , held over 4 three hour training sessions, gives the student a basic working knowledge of EFT.  The course includes:

  • Where and when it began
  • Understanding EFT and finding out, how and why it works
  • Discover how to introduce it to others in a way they will understand
  • The full EFT protocol – the basic recipe
  • Short-cuts – How to use short-cuts for ease and simplicity
  • Find out how to create apt set-up and reminder phrases
  • Practical applications of EFT – what to use it on
  • Understanding why EFT sometimes doesn’t work and what to do about it
  • Finding and dealing with ‘aspects’
  • Understanding ‘Psychological Reversal’ – the reason why some things just don’t work
  • How to work with traumatic events
  • How to use EFT for physical issues
  • How to use EFT for addictive cravings
  • How to do useful detective work by asking curious questions
  • There will be plenty of opportunity for practice and discussion

Read this landmark study for scientific evidence of its efficacy….EFT Study

EFT Level 1 Training

This training is held over Zoom and is composed of 4 three hour training sessions over four weeks.  The first two sessions can be taken in isolation as an introductory, self help level of learning.  We’ll call this Level 1a, and this will  equip the student to tap on themselves, and with permission, on their friends and families. By the end of the day the student will know how to construct an EFT set-up and sequence and will feel confident tapping the EFT points. They will know how to use EFT for their family and friends.  Level 1a, can be taken in isolation by anyone who just wants to dip their toes in by learning the basics of EFT. Find out more about the introductory day here.

  • Understanding EFT and How it works
  • How to explain it to others
  • The full EFT protocol
  • Shortened versions of EFT
  • Tapping Basics
  • How to construct an EFT set-up and Sequence
  • Asking questions
  • Aspects

This introductory day is offered at a special price of only £95

Next Dates:  Saturday 11th May & Sun 19th May 2024

Time: 10.00am  – 1.00pm

On-line training over Zoom

Book now

EFT Level 1 Training –  Level 1a and Level 1b

The full EFT Level 1 training consists of four three hour training sessions, held over 4 consecutive weeks.  This Level 1 training is a prerequisite to Level 2 Practitioner Training and is required if you want to continue to take your work to an even deeper level and/or become an EFT practitioner.

EFT Level 1 Training  consisting of 4 three hour sessions £185

Next Dates:

Next dates: Saturday 11th May, Sunday 19th May, Sat 25th May & Saturday 1st June 2024

Time:  10am till 1pm

Venue:  These are Zoom on-line events

Your Investment:  £185 –

EFT has been described as ‘The world’s most effective therapy for stress reduction, trauma, phobia’s and anxieties of all kinds.” EFT also works incredibly well over the telephone giving you access to people all over the world who could benefit from EFT. Contact me if you would like to know more. This workshop is fully certified by the AAMET.

When you learn the amazing technique of EFT, you can have emotional freedom so that, ‘The Rest of Your Life Can be The Best of Your Life.”

This training prepares you for EFT Level 2 certification – the essential next step for people who wish to practice EFT professionally.

EFT Level 2 Training that takes you to therapist level is only £320…….

We also offer EFT mentoring and supervision sessions. For more information EFT mentoring and supervision.

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Very good workshop and well presented. I am certain I will be able to go out and practice with confidence……… Julie

“Christine is a fabulous EFT teacher and mentor. She is an exceptionally good presenter and public speaker, bringing added humor and warmth to her teaching which makes learning easy.
Christine is a compassionate and highly intuitive therapist with a great deal of experience in her field. I highly recommend her services.” ……………Jo

Loved it. Great fun, really informative, extremely positive and perfectly practical…………. Anon

The event was really good in terms of information and organization…………Thanks

What a fascinating workshop. thoroughly enjoyed it and want to learn more…….Sue R

Enthusiastic and engaging Christine, Thank you………..Carol B



For Level 1 Training Click Here EFT Workshops Brighton