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Congratulations for making the decision to change your life for the better. The concepts you are about to learn and the audios you are about to listen can change your life. ‘The rest of your life can be the best of your life.’

The program is laid out on the ‘Read Me‘ page in the order we suggest you read it and listen to it but the choice is ultimately yours. We understand that some of our purchasers will be avid readers who like to glean as much information about any program they are about to embark on. We are also aware that some of you are not such keen readers and just want to get on with listening to the audios.

You may have bought this program expressly for the ‘Gastric Band Operation Track’ and may be impatient to listen to and experience the virtual surgical procedure. We do however caution you from jumping to this track too soon. We have found that those who familiarise themselves with the rest of the content and work on all areas of the problem first have better results than those who skip straight to the ‘Virtual Operation.’

This system is designed to work with or without the ‘Virtual Operation‘ and ‘Follow-up Audio’ and is a fully functioning slimming system in its own right. It is the slimming program itself that is the most effect for long-term weight loss as it addresses the root causes of weight gain. The ‘Virtual Operation Audio’ has no way of addressing underlying issues and while some may benefit from it on its own they will be in the minority.

While every other audio in the series is designed to create long term change and address the causes of over-eating the operation track lacks these features. Although you may have bought into this program because of this track in particular we advise against attempting a quick fix. The best way to deal with the underlying issues and ensure your weight loss is permanent is to take the longer and more holistic approach and deal with the underlying issues.

We believe that once you read the program and understand how mind works and what is causing you to be overweight you will realise that the quick fix of the ‘Virtual Operation’ may offer a more temporary solution than the permanent solution you are looking for. When you read the module on, ‘Gastric Band Surgery’ it will become clear why so many of those who have the actual operation still suffer with issues of all kinds. We like to think of the ‘Virtual Operation‘ as being more like the icing on the cake than the cake itself.

To address the underlying issues behind obesity you will need to involve yourself with the whole program. The program helps you to deal with the emotional and psychological causes behind the weight gain and when you change the way you relate to you and others the weight will naturally begin to fall off.

If you attempt to go the quick route long term results cannot be expected. What you gain in the short term may be lost in the long term as success involves addressing emotional over eating and your relationship with you and your body.

Reading all the modules and completing the rest of the program before embarking ‘Gastric Band Hypnosis’will mean that when the time comes to undergo the ‘Virtual Operation’ you are fully prepared. Once you understand the part you have to play in the ‘Virtual Gastric Band Operation‘ your chances of success will soar.

This is not a short term program and this is why on-going support is offered. While it is true that some people make the transition easily others need help to stay on track, to be reminded and to be supported along the way. The more effort you put in the easier the journey becomes and very soon you’ll begin to reap the benefits of focussing on your goals.

The Support Program:

This program includes a whole years support to enable you to reach your goal.  You are required to register and after registration you will have access to the on-line programs and the forum where you can ask questions and have them answered by our support team.

You will also receive regular tips and advice by email and as an added bonus you will be ussied with any new audios that are issued over the coming year.  The audios will be issued in response to your problems and questions and it is therefore in your interest to let us know of any problems you encounter as the year progresses.

Go Here to register for support:

We encourage you to become an active member in the support program so you can get as much benefit from the program as possible.

To your success and happiness

Christine Wesson