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Goal Setting

How To Create Your Future

Everything comes from mind, everything is created there. Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

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What is the ego

How To Quiet The Ego

The Ego Is Your Pain Body Your ego is the part of you that has been built up as a result of life’s hard knocks.  Another word for the ego is the pain body.  It is the part of you that has developed over your life in response to life’s hurts and frustrations.  It is […]

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It’s a Mental World

You live in a world that is mentally caused.  Knowing this truth is the key to your happiness.  Whatever you think materializes as your experience.  Here and now you are creating your own destiny, in accordance with what you allow yourself to think day by day.  The things that enter your life are the expression […]

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The Focus Factor

The Focus Factor – What do you want in relation to your life? If you are like most people you will have said ‘I want to stop feeling depressed,’ I want people to leave me alone’ or ‘I want my wife/husband to stop nagging me.’ One of the most basic psychological rules in life is […]

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Electromagnetic Universe

We live in an Electro-magnetic Universe

Our Electro Magnetic Universe There is a mighty force in the world which scientists call electro-magnetism.  Everything in the Universe is electro-magnetic in nature.  The laws of attraction and repulsion operate electro-magnetically; when you assume a positive or negative attitude of mind, you get a positive or negative result.  There is no such thing as […]

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Power without Direction

Your subconscious mind is simply power without direction.  All of your direction comes from the conscious mind.  Without the conscious mind to give the direction and make choices you would simply be like every other animal with a subconscious mind.  Animals do not have a conscious mind, or if they do it is very undeveloped […]

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How Mind Works

How Your Mind Works

Find out how your mind works and be happier and healthier.

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Ask The Right Questions

Asking Different Questions The human brain is wired up in such a way that whenever you ask yourself a question you have to give yourself an answer.  The very act of asking a question sets up a tension within the mind that must be resolved. It is arguable that the majority of human thinking, of […]

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Your Very Own Radar System

Hi there, I was working with a client today and teaching him why writing down his goals, and reading them or looking at them every day, actually works and thought I’d share it with you. You see all this Law of Attraction stuff isn’t just mumbo jumbo it’s actually quite scientific and when you ‘get […]

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