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EFT Tapping for Money Issues

EFT Tapping For Money Issues can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to bring more money into your life.  EFT can be used for just about everything and increasing prosperity is one of its many benefits.  If you have been asking for and wanting to create more abundance into your life and […]

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The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness

What is the key to happiness? You live in a world that is mentally caused.  Knowing this truth is the key to happiness.  Whatever you think about materializes as your experience.  Here and now you are creating your own destiny, in accordance with what you allow yourself to think day by day.  The things that […]

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The Focus Factor

The Focus Factor – What do you want in relation to your life? If you are like most people you will have said ‘I want to stop feeling depressed,’ I want people to leave me alone’ or ‘I want my wife/husband to stop nagging me.’ One of the most basic psychological rules in life is […]

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EFT promotes healing

We live in an Electro-magnetic Universe

Our Electro Magnetic Universe There is a mighty force in the world which scientists call electro-magnetism.  Everything in the Universe is electro-magnetic in nature.  The laws of attraction and repulsion operate electro-magnetically; when you assume a positive or negative attitude of mind, you get a positive or negative result.  There is no such thing as […]

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Using Reverse Psychology to Counteract Panic Attacks

Reverse Psychology to Overcome Panic Attacks Whatever you fight grows stronger because whenever you are fighting something you are focusing on it.  The part of your mind that is responsible for the panic attack is not reasonable, it cannot think like the conscious mind, it simply reacts and gives you more of whatever you focus […]

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Asking Different Questions

The human brain is wired up in such a way that whenever you ask yourself a question you have to give yourself an answer.  The very act of asking a question sets up a tension within the mind that must be resolved. It is arguable that the majority of human thinking, of itself, is nothing […]

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How To Make People Like You

If you’d like to know how to make people like you read on.  There is a secret to getting others to like you and once learned it’s one of the easiest thing in the world to do.  If you want others to like you, you’ve got to like them.  Simple isn’t it? You can get […]

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Secrets of Body Language

People pick up on what we really think whether we know it or not.  One way we convey our thoughts is in our body language.  The body cannot lie.  Lie detector tests are based on this fact.  Even though we, using our conscious mind, can lie and we often do, our body always registers the […]

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All Minds Are Joined

It has long been a Metaphysical and Spiritual belief that all minds are joined, or to put it another way, we are all one.  Recently science has proved that the mind does not reside within us, it is outside of the physical body. As your mind resides outside of your body along with everyone else’s […]

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Self-Esteem Using EFT

This article show you how to raise self-esteem using EFT.  Those of you who are familiar with the choices method of EFT as developed by Patricia Carrington will recognize the similarities to this way of using EFT to improve self-esteem.  This method was also developed by Patricia and is quite simple to implement. All it […]

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