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Power without Direction

Your subconscious mind is simply power without direction.  All of your direction comes from the conscious mind.  Without the conscious mind to give the direction and make choices you would simply be like every other animal with a subconscious mind.  Animals do not have a conscious mind, or if they do it is very undeveloped […]

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EFT helps with crying baby!

EFT can help both you and your baby to settle and get much needed rest.   The tapping is done entirely on you the parent as the baby is actually picking up it’s distress from its parents.  If you feel stressed every evening about whether or not your baby will settle you are actually transferring […]

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Why use the Negative in EFT?

EFT as a Pattern Interrupt Why the EFT setup statement is not a negative affirmation Sometimes I work with clients who are familiar with the use of positive affirmations to bring about positive change. And so they are also (rightly) wary of saying anything negative which might be programming their behaviour in a negative way. […]

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EFT for Abundance

Attracting Abundance with EFT Everything is about vibration. When you think about money, what is your vibration about it? When you think about your body, how are you vibrating? When you think about finding the perfect partner, how are you vibrating? EFT is a tool that enables you to change your vibrations so that you […]

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Use EFT to Tap in Your Positive Memories

As each day goes by we tend to brush aside those small things we enjoy and spend more time focused on the things that annoy us. Tapping in the positive things that happen to us can really change the day we have and lead to better and more enjoyable times. Remember, whatever we focus on […]

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Tap on head cured my choc addiction

Thanks to one of my students Sharon for sending me the following link to the article on EFT and chocolate addiction from the Sun newspaper. Click on the link to read the article or cut and paste it into your browser. Great stuff! Persistence in using EFT generally pays off and if you encounter […]

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EFT – The Choices Method

The Choices Method The choices method is a variant of EFT in which the client gets to choose a different outcome to the one being experienced.  The Universe is composed of energy, in fact energy in all it’s myriad forms is all there is.  Every seeming solid object is in fact mostly energy, including ourselves. […]

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EFT on a Page

For some reason the pictures would not upload here so why not go to my main site and sign up for my newsletter and get the free report on EFT. EFT on a Page THE BASIC RECIPE 1. The Setup…Repeat 3 times this affirmation: “Even though I have this ________ ,I deeply and completely […]

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Craving Buster

CRAVING BUSTER – (This amazing technique was developed byDr Roger Callahan, author of ‘Tapping the Healer Within’.) If you are feeling a strong craving for a particular food right now or a cigarette and you want to reduce it immediately, just follow my instructions completely and your craving will vanish. Before you do this exercise […]

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Carol Look’s Tapping Tips

Hi everyone,  here are some very good tapping tips from Carol Look: Hi All, I have compiled a list of my favorite tapping tips that have had a dramatic influence on my work and results with clients. Use any that work for you, but I highly recommend trying them all before you dismiss them, especially […]

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