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You Live in an Electro-Magnetic Universe

There is a mighty force in the world which scientists call electro-magnetism.  Everything in the Universe is electro-magnetic in nature.  The laws of attraction and repulsion operate electro-magnetically; when you assume a positive or negative attitude of mind, you get a positive or negative result.  There is no such thing as an accident in life […]

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The Chew Diet Part Three

Does the Chew Diet Work? Have you ever heard of the Chew Diet?  I picked up this little gem off the Internet yesterday and sent it to several of my weight loss clients, two of whom had told me only hours before that they tended to eat in the evenings when they felt tired but […]

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Be In Control Of What You Eat

I was working with a client recently who wanted to lose weight and she told me that she was often angry with herself because when she went out for a meal she always said, “I’m not going to have a pudding.” Then she went ahead and did just that. She said, “It happens every time.” […]

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The Chew Chew Diet Part Two

What is the Chew Chew Diet? Sorry to keep on harping on about the same the same subject but today there was an article in the Daily Mail on page three titled: Something to chew over: Eating fast makes you fat…………………… The article goes on to say…If you are wondering why your waistline is expanding, […]

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Self-Image and the Self-Fullfilling Prophecy

We are not only what we eat, But what we think as well. Your self image is how you see yourself in your imagination. It is the blueprint that determines everything about you, from how motivated, intelligent and confident you are willing to let yourself be to how much weight you are willing to carry […]

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I Hope I Don’t Get Any Thinner

I spent the first 30 years of my life as a really skinny person desperate to put weight on and unable to do it and then one day it happened. I started to get heavier and at first I loved it, womanly curves at last! Trouble was it soon got out of hand and I […]

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Get Slim With The Chew Chew Diet

Can You Get Slim With The Chew Chew Diet? This is an article by actor Bruce Byron, who plays DC Terry Perkins in The Bill. He’s been dieting for several months apparently and also writing a column in the paper giving his top tips for losing weight.  He shows us how he can get slim […]

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Emotional Overeating

Emotional Overeating

Emotional Overeating………. everyone talks about it, but what actually is it. Emotional Overeating means we eat when we feel bad. Bad, can mean a multitude of things and includes feeling angry, sad, lonely, depressed, fed up, unloved, undervalued or overworked. When humans feel these negative emotions it’s natural to seek comfort. When you were a […]

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Change Your Focus To Change Your Weight

I was doing a bit of keyword research a few days ago and I noticed something very interesting but not surprising, for me anyhow. Thousands of people a day are searching the internet using terms like, ‘weight loss,’ lose weight,’ ‘how to lose belly fat,’ and ‘diets.’ That is where most peoples concentration lies. They […]

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Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery

Trying to diet without changing your mindset is an uphill struggle. Here’s a little story to demonstrate what I mean. ‘A man has a factory where he makes square tables, he’s been making square tables for years and in the past they’ve always sold well, but suddenly sales fall off and he finds out that […]

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